VTFucker - Virtual Texture Explorer

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VTFucker - Virtual Texture Explorer

Post by Trent »

I've just bundled up the latest version of VTFucker for release. Can't remember what I've changed since the previous release, or where I released it at so whatever. Usual "use at your own risk, I take no responsibility for VTFucker fucking up your VTs" type disclaimer. Grab it here: http://carmatools.com/downloads/tools/VTFucker.zip

It should just need to be run, pointed at the Max Damage directory, then load one of the VT sets from the file menu. You can browse through the different textures, change between Diffuse, Normal and Specular sets and change between the different pages of the VT, which are effectively mipmaps. Page 0 is not used, it was the original highest quality version of the textures but was optimized out so page 1 is the highest quality available.

Other fun features:
Edit -> Extract selected texture - does what it says on the tin.
Edit -> Extract current page - point it at a folder, it will create Diffuse, Normal and Specular sub folders and extract all the textures from the curent page into them.
Edit -> Replace selected texture - choose an image from your computer to replace the current texture, just make sure it's the exact same size as the texture you're replacing, there's no safe guards here!
Edit -> Shade Editor - crashes the tool :D

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Re: VTFucker - Virtual Texture Explorer

Post by nicbou0321 »

Hey, this tool has been amazing when it works. Its what ive been waiting for for years.
A big thank you for the work you put in these tools.

But ive encountered a bug and idk what to do about it.
Ive looked in scintilla.xml for fun and im not 100% sure if i found the reason for my problems but it sounds like it could be.
It said exactly as this
"Converts bitmap to XPM data for use with scintillaNET.
Warning: images with more than (around) 50 colors will generate incorrect XPM"

When exporting textures, more then half of them will export the diffuse texture with just plain black no color.
I think all the specular and normal exports properly tho.

Hopefully this is a small bug that wont be too hard to squish.

Hope yall are doing good in 2021, cheers :beer: