Carmageddon Max Damage AMD Vega (and Possibly RX) Crash Workaround

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Carmageddon Max Damage AMD Vega (and Possibly RX) Crash Workaround

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Thought it'd be useful to copy this here. Mirrored this workaround by Boatsoap from GOG and Steam forums
Boatsoap wrote:Short Version
Using DXVK prevents the level-loading crash with AMD Vega GPUs, but lowering graphics settings will likely be necessary as performance will be lower.

Long Version
Using DXVK, a project meant to run Direct3D games in Linux (but works in Windows) using Vulkan, prevents the crash that occurs while starting a race in Carmageddon using AMD Vega GPUs.

A word of warning: the way DXVK works could be detected as a cheat by some anti-cheat programs. I don't know if Carmageddon has cheat detection, or bans as a result of it, so this may not even matter.
  • Get the latest release of DXVK here:
    Version 1.6.1 was tested for this guide.
  • From the x32 directory within the archive, extract dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll to
    (for Steam:) [Steam path]\steamapps\common\Carmageddon Max Damage\bin
    (for GOG:) CarmageddonMaxDamage\bin
    This should be the same directory where Carmageddon_Max_Damage.exe is located.
  • You should now be able to play by loading the game as you normally would from Steam/GOG. Unfortunately performance will probably be lower, so you will likely need to lower some of the in-game graphics settings.
The Steam overlay doesn't work with this setup, and it seems Steam's controller support won't either.

Hopefully this helps. This works for me with my Vega GPU. I think there is a similar crash with RX GPUs. If anybody can confirm that this works with RX GPUs, please let me know.
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