Nobby on a few important questions regarding Reincarnation

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Nobby on a few important questions regarding Reincarnation

Post by Razor » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:18 pm

Couldn't really think of a fitting title for this but I'll explain; I recently fired off a few questions to nobby about the new game and whatnot that I think people here should see.
Me: Will you be looking at providing the Carmageddon modding community with any in-house editing tools like you did with PlayThing back in 1998?

Neil: This is absolutely what we intend to do. We’re planning to release a tailored version of our current editing tool, which is basically descended from Plaything, STool, etc. and is called Acolyte. It will allow the community to do exactly the same things that we use Acolyte to do, from preparing a car model for in-game use, to accessorising a level. We’re still discussing what functionality we might add as in-game editing, but whatever we end up doing will also be included in the final game.

Me: Are you actively looking for publishers right now or do you want to get your baby up-and-running in case the publisher pulls another sales curve?

Neil: We aren’t desperately seeking a publisher – we’ve got a small team getting on with making the game, and we will continue to do that. If someone out there wants to fund the project, then we’ll always be happy to talk to them. Before things soured with SCi, we’d actually had a good relationship with them through the first two games – in that they were largely hands-off, and we got to make the games we wanted (within the constraints of time and budget). So it wasn’t all bad by any means.

Me: What are your desired digital distribution platforms and why?

Neil: We currently see the game most probably going out via Steam, just because it’s there and we know it, and we know it works. It’s highly probable that we’d also release on XBLA and PSN too. The reason being simply that we already have a good deal of experience with releasing products via these delivery platforms.
Those are the more interesting ones, the rest is here if you want to check it out: ... ess-games/

Editing tools :) :banana:
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Re: Nobby on a few important questions regarding Reincarnati

Post by n3wton » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:59 pm

Good job with the Interview Razor! :sbsmile:

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Re: Nobby on a few important questions regarding Reincarnati

Post by Harmalarm » Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:26 am

Indeed! It was also a good read, as in, well stated questions Razor! :thumbsup:

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