Is there any community left?

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Is there any community left?

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I still play CMD sometimes, but since went offline, I have not been in touch with anybody from community.

Anyway, I'm 3D modeler who would like to have my models in game, either imported by me or someone else. I asked in BeamNG forums too, but it is so "pain in the ass to mod", I don't think that is going to happen. And Wreckfest does not support big tires very well, and most of my models are monster trucks.

I see Mad Mike is still doing his thing and there is unofficial patch released, but not much else.

Here is some of my models: ... 8b44f11c67 ... 6716f4b917
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Re: Is there any community left?

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Hello and welcome,

Might I direct you to the Discord of our community, which is much more active over there than here nowadays :swink:

Mad Mike has a modding tutorial in here btw: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9665

Great models too, might feel right at home in C:MD..!
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