What I'd like to see carried into Reincarnation + suggestions

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What I'd like to see carried into Reincarnation + suggestions

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Thank you for bringing this game back! In the meantime please re-release the older games on Steam or similar online service so we can brush off our helmets and get back into destruction mode.

One of my favorite attacks was the flame thrower which would toast nearby pedestrians. You need to carry this on! But also add a similar "Killer Bee" attack with angry buzzing and zapping sounds. Have it occasionally backfire back at us to keep us alert, and use to attack nearby drivers causing them to temporarily lose control. Dirty starting line tactic.

A favorite activity used to be racing up and down the airport runways hitting cars, peds and aircraft. Watching a jumbo jet tumble into the distance was epic. Of course it would be even more fun if accompanied with a massive earth-scorching fireball, pieces breaking away and bodies and/or cargo spilling out. Might be fun (and timely) to get revenge on those TSA agents. Be sure to leave some fuel trucks out there for our destructive tendencies; very volatile, and drivable if you dare. If you can work in an attack helicopter I'd take it for a spin.

When you knock over a power pole have live electric lines come down with it, damaging or destroying whatever comes in contact. Accompany with a massive shower of sparks and flame, the line whipping around like an angry snake until it burns itself out.

I often wanted to damage more of the scenery, ignite entire buildings & assault firefighters, blow out nearby windows with a single bomb, drive through someone's house and take out the cat or drive through their office and give their secretary a long vacation. Molotov cocktail & RPG launcher to the rescue! Of course this greatly angers the local police.

Add bicyclists, skateboarders, domestic animals and grannies in electric scooters to the pedestrian list. Add a Go Postal mission to find and kill all postmen in the area.

Add a rampage mode to include civilian traffic - cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, emergency vehicles. Hijack a full semi to plow the road or uncork a fuel truck to leave a fiery trail. Hijack a loaded school bus and drive it off an overpass or cliff. Steal a beer truck & deliver to a specified location for special rewards.

Add a circus raid! Similar to the zoo only in an enclosed convention center full of peds, freaks and evil clowns. Careful, they fight back ...

I'll be sure to post again as I imagine more mayhem.