Experimental Beta Patch - An unofficial, unsupported release

Stainless got their baby back, threw it at us in 2015 and hit consoles in 2016!
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Experimental Beta Patch - An unofficial, unsupported release

Post by Trent »

Happy April Fools Day! Have a gift from me which I was sitting on in hopes of it getting an official release some day but due to the lack of response from THQ Nordic on the matter I figured I might as well just share it anyway as an April Fools on them: The final experimental beta patch for Max Damage.

How to get the beta patch
Right click on the game in your library, go to properties, click on the Betas tab, enter VmfPZyCgXec4v2R4 into the code box and press the button, change your beta to "experimental".

Enjoy the unreleased beta patch which fixes various problems, notably it makes normal maps actually work and adds in open-ended mod support to replace Carmodgeddon.

This is an unfinished, untested, EXPERIMENTAL beta patch which was in the works by a single coder at Stainless with feedback and suggestions from a couple of us modders. It might solve numerous problems people have had with the game but it might also cause other problems which no one knows about because it's not been properly tested and is not finished. Your mileage may vary. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for whatever might happen because I didn't make it. Stainless takes no responsibility because they didn't intend it to be released in this state. THQ Nordic take no responsibility for anything.


Did I mention it adds open-ended mod support? Well it does! Here's the highlights:
  • Mods need to be placed inside a folder called ZIP_MODS in the game's root directory.
  • Mods need to be ZIP files and contain the same folder structure as inside the ZAD files.
  • Mod ZIPs can contain any of the game's data, from scripts to peds to UI to levels to cars to trailers.
  • Anything can be modded and you can still play singleplayer and career mode with working saves and also multiplayer.
  • Did I mention anything can be modded? All the scripts (previously .LOL files, no .LUA files) are 100% vanilla LUA script files and not compiled to byte code, so they can be editted without having to use my janky decompiler and they come with all the original comments! This helps a lot when it comes to modding the LUA scripts.
  • Run mods by adding a command switch with comma seperated mods, so if you wanted to run a mod whose zip is called MyMod1.zip and one whose zip is called TrentsAwesomeMod.zip, you would run them by adding this to the command line: -mod=MyMod1,TrentsAwesomeMod
  • Due to all these changes none of the Carmodgeddon cars or levels will work with the new mod system, they will need to be repacked. Luckily, I have made a handy dandy little utility to do it for you: http://carmatools.com/downloads/tools/C ... pdater.zip
  • There is an issue where the command line is limitted in length, so if you have too many mods in the commandline it won't run properly. It is advisable to pack as many mods together into a single mod as possible, e.g. put wheel mods in the same zip as the car mods they're for, pack related mods together in a megamod, etc.This also helps with writing the command lines to launch the mods with. The conversion tool above has some unseful options for packing mods together, so make sure to read the readme!
  • I had intended on making a new version of Minge which properly support this new mod system but as the patch never got released I didn't get around to it. I guess I might take a poke again at some point if there's enough interest.
To start you all off, I've packed up my Carmageddon 1 ports into a zip mod compatible with this new mod system. Just dump the zip into your ZIP_MODS folder and launch the game with the appropriate command line arguments: http://carmatools.com/downloads/mods/Carmageddon1TC.zip
a.k.a. Trent
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Re: Experimental Beta Patch - An unofficial, unsupported release

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Re: Experimental Beta Patch - An unofficial, unsupported release

Post by Toshiba-3 »

April Fools Day haha!

haha? :confused:

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