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SOD Online

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after recent success in SOD online with finding the gridpack we have now reached a new problem. Me and TADS are working together to get SOD online. there was a problem with the hash files but we know how to sort that out. our main problem is problems getting the anti cheat systems. we need the anti cheat systems then MAYBE....JUST MAYBE sod can finally be played online. Tads created a quick server and i joined, we could talk but the problem was picking the cars and tracks as there are no hash files. but the major problem is that theres no anti cheat system. could anyone get us the anti cheat system for SOD online? thanks
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Re: SOD Online

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i got everytihg working by changing the master_server line in the config file but the car crush files as the main master server is never up online

one day someone might play sod online lol