Barrow Raceway Banger Track

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Barrow Raceway Banger Track

Post by coffeycup »

Fictional 'Barrow Raceway' Banger track.

Mistakenly built on barrow mounds.

Spectator view.

No peds. No powerups.

Drive like you mean it.
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Barrow Raceway Banger Track

Post by Synetearis »

Nostalgia,.. Freddy would approve!
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Barrow Raceway Banger Track

Post by Sleep Dirt »

Man that's an awesome map Coffee! I cant wait to do some banger mods for Reincarnation, Do you think there's a chance Freddy will return to revive SoD, I'm sure the new AI will be perfect for actual racing, I'd love to help him in making a new banger mod.
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