Installing addon cars - even in SoD

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Installing addon cars - even in SoD

Post by MARKB240 »

Does any one know, if you can use the add-on cars for carma2, in the conversion which uses carma2 to run, called Seduction of destruction?? help please. if it can be done how? thanks :wink:

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Re: Installing addon cars - even in SoD

Post by Econobrick »

Yes you can, you add them the same way as it's done for regular c2. which is either by doing so manually, or downloading Carstockalypse. (available here:

Carstockalypse explains all of its installation and usage instructions in its readme.txt

when extracting an addon car from its zip, make sure you have "use paths" turned on in the extractor.

methinks we should pin this...or maybe make one similar!