Restoring TDR2000's Original Vehicle Descriptions

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Restoring TDR2000's Original Vehicle Descriptions

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We all (well most of us) know about the vehicle descriptions being (what is assumed) removed from the final version of TDR2000 and the only remnants left of them seen in The Fortress' Vehicle stats in the Garage but they all still exist in the game's files and can easily be restored with the following instructions.

Here's what your usual TDR2000 vehicle stats will look like (the descriptions are pushed outside of the box that the text is in)

You'll note that if you navigate to The Fortress it doesn't have the word "tons" after it's weight, this is what allows you to see part of it's description, anyway, let's get to it.

1. Navigate to your Carmageddon TDR2000 folder (Using Steam version here for example)

2. Head into the 'ASSETS' folder and then into the 'Strings' folder

3. Here you will find a list of languages, select the language of the version you're using.
Please note that the Steam release of Carmageddon TDR2000 is UK Blood, so we would select 'UK'

4. Open up 'Car_Strings_(language).txt' in any simple text editor (i.e. Notepad or gedit)
As mentioned previously, the Steam release of TDR2000 is UK Blood, so the file we're opening is 'Car_Strings_UK.txt'

5. Replace all instances of the word "tons" with a blank space.

6. Do the same but with the word "seconds".

7. Every entry in this text file should now have the words "tons" and "seconds" removed.

8. Play game and marvel at Torus' poorly thought up car descriptions.

Note: Nosebleed Pack cars do not have descriptions and neither do many addon cars (like those included in the Max Pack)

EDIT: If you also remove "mph" from the top speed counter, the longer descriptions can be fully displayed.
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