Cool Glitch

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Cool Glitch

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Apparently in TDR2000, if you use "Afterburner!" and hit a vehicle while under the effects of "Car Stealer!", your previous vehicle will still have the afterburner effect and it doesn't seem to run out, meaning every enemy vehicle (cops or racers) can be put under permanent afterburner. It fucks with the names of the vehicles too.

I play TDR a lot in my spare time and just dick around in all kinds of ways. Was pretty stoked when I found this out. In the second video I paused right when the race began and used the "ai off" command to freeze all the racers at the start of the race. Then one by one I did afterburner and opponent stealer on all of them.

Here is some footage that I grabbed from my testing.

Probably why they never added car stealer into the game anyways. :lol:
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Re: Cool Glitch

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Great find! :slol: Not sure the devs ever noticed something like that. I wonder if that glitch could work with other powerups than Afterburner.
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