Can't open carma.pak with packrat2 (TDR2000)

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Can't open carma.pak with packrat2 (TDR2000)

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Positive this is how I did it before, as I want to modify some things regarding timers and credits, but now it won't open it no matter what. Using the Steam version of the game.

E: Alright something fishy's going on, tried launching TDR in general and it claims it cannot find 'races.txt', if it helps I just fresh reinstalled the game after having wiped the MAX-Pack off the drive. Did something get corrupted and that's why packrat is not reading anything?

E2: Worst fears confirmed, my game is super fucked up now, it can't find a renderer and keeps having access violation crashes trying to go in. Can't set half the renderer settings even when I think I got it to read them. Yeah IDK what happened here...

E3: OK somehow I got it to un-fuck itself and read the renderer and settings and such again so it actually launches and isn't messed up, but packrat2 still won't show me the files inside carma.pak so I'm at a loss with this still.