Purchase original CDs

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Purchase original CDs

Post by Multy-pulty »

Guys? Anybody there? Hey!
I’m asking for an advice.
Thinking about advertisements of old CDs and wish to buy one for myself. This one actually. This is why I place the post here. The point is that offers says too much for the CDs seemed like ordinary but just older than modern games. They say older CD means rarity for your price must be higher. Whatta…? :supermad:
I want an argue discount :argue: and mind that the players become less but the circulation is as was in the past. What are changed? I think not enough reasons to make the cost higher. What do you think?
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Re: Purchase original CDs

Post by Toshiba-3 »

Well, with Carmageddon 1 and 2, there's really no reason to put a lot of money in original CDs. They are easy to find a bit everywhere on the net, like on eBay etc. and for cheap. Just grab the Max Pack for C1. And for C2, make sure to have the uncensored/blood version.

I guess the special Max Pack big box is much more expansive, but only get that if you're fond of branded items I guess. The graphics pack thing for C2 is usually cheap too.

If you can't find copies cheaper enough right now, just wait, some with decent prices will always turn up.
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Re: Purchase original CDs

Post by Mckechnie »

How about sealed boxes? Do you think those are more valuable?
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Re: Purchase original CDs

Post by Razor »

Boxed/physical versions of any Carmageddon game, aren't really all that valuable, this includes sealed ones (which are obviously by nature more valuable but not something I'd say is expensive). Even the Special Edition/Max Pack boxes for C1 aren't that rare or valuable, you may often see them listed for hundreds but in reality, you shouldn't be paying any more than £200 max for a complete Carmageddon Special Edition and no more than £100 max for a Max Pack box complete.

It has been a while but I don't recall spending over £120 for any of the items I've got (and I've got a lot), this was a good few years ago now though but from all of the searches I've done in the past, the supply of physical Carmageddon items isn't any less than it used to be, in fact in recent years (since the new games released) there has been an increase in the amount of the old stuff that has appeared for sale.
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