Take 2 V OpenIV

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Take 2 V OpenIV

Post by timmy76 »

Main post in the link says it all really :sad: mods are what make GTAV so much more playable.
http://gtaforums.com/topic/889348-take- ... ing/page-1

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Re: Take 2 V OpenIV

Post by Toshiba-3 »

Yeah I don't get it. While other companies kinda embrace mods, they just choose to try and kill it. Way to turn a good part of your audience against yourself.

I guess that won't kill the whole modding community but that sure changes the mood.
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Re: Take 2 V OpenIV

Post by Harmalarm »

Well Take2 and Rockstar are afraid of losing money from people not having to buy the online shark cards etc for the online part of the game because certain aspects can be modded. They are just protecting their precious moneymaking online community.

Too bad they cannot realise that it will not make a difference anyway. Modding will continue only this time it will be underground...

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Re: Take 2 V OpenIV

Post by QTZ »

I wonder how much time must pass for them to understood that modding keep game hot and giving them more money than just pure game which will be playable only from the beginning to the end.

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Re: Take 2 V OpenIV

Post by Razor »

GTA "communities" are a piece of shit anyway.
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