iOS vs PC original version

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iOS vs PC original version

Post by FeralKid »

While there is obvious difference with graphics between the two versions, what else is unique in each version?

So PC version has:



Dashboard in first person mode

iOS version:

Game center Achievements

Winning method (Race, waste opponents, kill all peds) badges

However there's some other things I've noticed and would like to confirm with others here. Has car handling changed? I don't know if this related to 60fps or have they tweaked it so drifting is much more effective in iOS version? I find a lose control more on iOS version however once you master drifting it is much nicer taking corners compared to PC. Am I right in saying that?

Are there some cars missing in iOS version?
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iOS vs PC original version

Post by Trent »

The iOS version has all the cars the PC version has. The iOS version also has all the "cheat" cars (which you would only get after completing the PC game) as standard stealable cars, including new HUD graphics for the damage indicators for those cars, which they didn't have in the original version. That is also why the dashboard view was removed as creating dashboards for all the cheat cars was beyond the budget and time scale of the port and they wanted all cars to be equal.

The handling of all cars are a bit different as the iOS port was actually a remake on their modern engine and not a direct port of the original code, so it uses a more advanced version of their physics and handling simulation.
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iOS vs PC original version

Post by legomeaker101 »

Trent wrote:The iOS version has all the cars the PC version has. The iOS version also has all the "cheat" cars (which you would only get after completing the PC game) as standard stealable cars,

actually in the ios version some cars aren't stealworthy:

Razorbill, Electric Blue, Tanka, Pink Pulverizer, Project X, King Merc, Cops and for some reason The Caddy Fat Cat
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iOS vs PC original version

Post by ggj »

I noticed some more differences. I recall that in the original game some cars would perform wheelies when the last two engine power upgrades were installed. They would perform a (small) wheelie with level 5 and a bigger one with the last level 6 (cheat) upgrade. I remember that The Plow did a 2 sec. wheelie with level 6 power upgrade. The cars were much faster and stronger too. I remember that The Plow would easily break 200+ mph but in the remastered mobile versions has a top speed of about 150 mph. I believe that pretty much all cars would accelerate to 300 mph or more very fast but now they don't. Also it was easier to push opponents with level 6 power. Now you are always the one that gets pushed back into walls.

The opponents were tougher to waste too. I remember smasing into The Plow over and over again with the Caddy Fat Cat to finally waste it. Now it seems pretty weak and doesn't seem to need any more hits to waste than other opponents. The only tough opponent in the new version is King Merc and the Cops (both normal and Suppressor).

I also noticed a change in the Desert level (with the big pyramid). There used to be a big wooden wall to the right at the 3rd checkpoint. Behind it were the time bonuses which are still there now in the remastered version. And I think they removed the UFO because I didn't see it in my 100% playthrough. I just read about it on the Carmageddon wikia and remembered it from old times.

The last thing I noticed and also read on the wikia is that they removed the train tracks in the Devil's Canyon Mine's Complex map. The mobile version is still very good though.