(Updated 16/05/2013) Step by step: Make Carma Android videos

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(Updated 16/05/2013) Step by step: Make Carma Android videos

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ATTENTION: Updated version (16/05/2013)

Simplified compression process and removed a lot of crap that was not needed.


This is a Windows guide only. I have done this on Windows 7, although it should be similar to Vista and other Windows systems. You can follow the guidelines here if you can get the required stuff on your mac / linux pc working - however you are on your own if you hit any brick walls.

This is also an amateur process at creating these Carmageddon Android videos without any prior video creation from games experience. If you know better, please post below your suggestions and i will gladly test them out and amend this guide if they prove to provide a clearer image without lag and good audio.


What you will need:

Get all the below items and make sure your phone is rooted, has the BBQScreen app installed, and make sure all the programs listed are installed.

- Rooted Android smartphone (visit XDA Developers to get help on rooting, or androidforums.com if you don't know what you are doing)

- Working WIFI network and access to it on your Android smartphone

- MSI Afterburner http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm

- VirtualDub x86 / 32bit version http://www.virtualdub.org/download.html

- Handbrake http://handbrake.fr/

- BBQScreen client (download the client for your PC / Mac / Linux OS) http://screen.bbqdroid.org/

- BBQScreen app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.bbqdroid.bbqscreen&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd

- Male to Male 3.5mm audio cable (example shown from Amazon) Male to Male 3.5mm audio cable

- Xvid coded XVID downloads

- LAME MP3 ACM codec (follow this guide) LAME tutorial


Let's start setup to make videos

Setup BBQScreen app on phone

- Connect to your WIFI network on your phone

- Open up BBQScreen app on your phone

- Set the scale setting to 100%

- Select the option to keep screen on

- Turn ON BBQScreen and note down the IP address it shows somewhere

- Press home button to leave BBQScreen, and it will be running in background


Setup MSI afterburner on computer

- Open up MSI afterburner on your computer

- Click on settings at the bottom right

- Go to the video capture

- Set global video capture hotkey/s (I use NUMPLUS button)

- Video format: MJPG Compression

- 100% quality

- Frame size: 16:9 720p

- Framerate: 50FPS

- Frame limit disabled i.e. 1FPS (this is set as default)

- Videos folder: browse your desired location. I just use desktop for quick access

- Multithreaded optimization: automatic (set as default)

- Tick: crop video dimensions to make it multiples of 16

- Tick: enable MJPG decoder

- Audio source 1: WASAPI playback device > Choose your "Speakers (sound card name here)

- Downmix multichannel audio to stereo: ticked / selected AND choose stereo rip option

- Click Ok at bottom

- Minimise MSI Afterburner

(Check that it is running in the system tray, it should be)


Setup audio on computer

- Go to control panel

- Open Sound

- Make sure your playback default is your "Speakers (sound card name here)"

- Make sure your recording default is your "Microphone (sound card name here)"

- Click properties on your Microphone

- Listen tab and select: Listen to this device, click Ok

- Take the male to male audio cable and plug 1 end of it into the LINE IN socket on your sound card. (Blue socket normally). Then plug the other end into your phone and crank the phone's media volume to maximum. You should be able to hear very clearly all sounds and audio from your phone coming out of your computer speakers. You do not need to have the PC speaker volume to max to ensure a good volume for the video - it is irrelevant how loud or low the volume is. Do a test by playing some music from your phone to ensure you can hear good audio.


Start recording your videos

- First, get Carmageddon up and running on your phone and get a race ready on the grid position select screen, i.e. just before you press the button to start the race.

- Press your MSI afterburner global hotkey to start recording. (If you selected desktop to save your recording videos, you should see a video file pop up there). You are now recording anything happening on your PC screen.

ATTENTION: DO NOT press the recording hotkey WHILE BBQScreen computer client is running. It simply WONT start the recording. I do not know why. JUST follow the exact steps above, i.e. press hotkey to start recording and THEN open up BBQScreen client as shown below this paragraph.

- Now go to the BBQScreen client executable on your computer and open up the program

- Type in the IP address you noted down and click connect and you should be greeted with a display of your phone running Carmageddon sitting at the grid selection screen just before the race.

- Drag the window as it is (DO NOT MAXIMISE THE WINDOW) to the side of your screen area on your desktop and manually drag the window outwards so that the BBQscreen client showing carmageddon is taking up nearly all of your desktop on your monitor. If you maximise the screen you may find that the video quality suffers a bit. Making it smaller but still fairly large will reduce the file size and improve the quality of the image.

- Move your mouse cursor off and away from the video feed being displayed.

- Start the race and play the game (FINALLY... phew). To ensure you get a good video just play the game and focus on your phone, ignore the video feed on your PC screen.

- Complete a race and then when you are happy and done with your footage press your global recording hotkey for MSI afterburner to STOP your recording.

- You should now have a finished video file sitting on your desktop, THIS is your RAW footage. Now we are going to tidy it all up and create an awesome carmageddon video from android...


Finalize and create the final Carmageddon Android video

- Open up VirtualDub using the Veedub64.exe

- Click File and click open video file: select the raw video file you just finished recording

- Drag the bottom right of the video on screen outwards to make it bigger to work with more easily (does not matter how far or big you display it)

- On the bottom of the seek timeline, drag the marker along your video and stop it at the point just before you clicked to start the race.

- Go to Edit and click: Set Selection Start

- Back onto the video and drag the seek marker to the end of the video where you want it to cut and end the playback. This i assume would be when you completed the race and wanted have your video stop.

- Go back to Edit and click: Set Selection End (You should now see a blue section line along the seek timeline - THIS will be the period played on your final video.

- Go to Video: Filters (If you cannot select Filters, select first Video: Full processing mode)

- Click Add and select "Resize" from the list

- Select the option: Multiples of 16 and click Ok

- Now select cropping

- Drag the seek timer marker to a section on the video shown where it shows the race happning and leave it there

- Use the up and down arrows on ALL of the X1, Y1, Y2, X2 offsets to cut off all of the screen displayed so that JUST your carmageddon video is showing. To keep it clean and neat make sure you cut off all the light blue border around the video so that JUST carmageddon is shown. Click Ok when done. (if you make a mistake and go too far cutting off too much you can use the opposite arrow buttons for whichever offset to go back on yourself)

- Click Ok to exit filters

- Click video and click compression

- Click on Xvid MPEG-4 codec and then click configure. change the target quantizer to 4.00. change the profile @ level to xvid hd 1080. click ok to exit it, and ok again to exit video compression.

- Click Ok

- Go to Audio and select Full Processing Mode

- Go back to Audio and select compression: choose MPEG Layer-3 and choose your desired bit rate. the higher the better your sound quality but it really is hardly noticeable improvements past 192kbits. (The reason i am not chosing the LAME MP3 encoder is because when testing, i got distorted sound. You can try it if you wish, but installing LAME also provides the standard MP3 codec the selection of bit rates to use and on my PC i didnt get the distorted audio so that's why i chose the standard encoder).

- Go to File: Save as AVI. Browse where you want to save the video, and give it a name, and click Ok / Save

- To make the save faster, change your priority setting on the new window shown to highest. Leave all other options alone. When the loading bar reaches the end and this processing window closes, your video is complete!


Check your new Carmageddon Android video

- Play the video in whatever video player you have / want to use. The video should be running smoothly with very minimal lag, great audio levels, and of course displaying correctly with the cropping settings you made. An example of a video is shown below. If your video is totally different to this, then either you have done something wrong and need to revise your settings or perhaps your computer's hardware has influenced a different video quality.


You're done

Here's one i made earlier using these exact same (and updated 16/05/2013) steps using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Carmageddon Android Death Valley 1

Thank you very much; hope I have helped you and good luck. If you want to PM me some questions about this or post it here please go ahead and i`ll help as best i can!
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(Updated 16/05/2013) Step by step: Make Carma Android videos

Post by Jimothey »

Very comprehensive and informative. If I had the time and patience, I may try it, but as it is, I'm happy just playing the game on my phone, and haven't even looked at the action replay feature.

Great work Jay.
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(Updated 16/05/2013) Step by step: Make Carma Android videos

Post by husnu »

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