[COMPETITION] Carma Xmas Bush Hunt!

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[COMPETITION] Carma Xmas Bush Hunt!

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It's that time of the year again when carol singers congregate around decorated trees making easy targets for Max and his psychotic band of merry psychos. That must mean it’s time for another Carma Christmas competition!

Already a familiar sight to those of you who have seen some of our previous competition prizes (plus of course eagle-eyed users checking Reincarnation’s recently revealed Steam achievements list!), we have in-game collectibles known as 'Smelly Bushes', which exist in real physical as well as digital form! Well, we've hidden 10 of the digital bushes in the pages of Carmageddon.com for you to hunt down! They could be anywhere (except in the forums, we didn't put any there)! All you need to do is use the submission form found on the link below to let us know which pages you've found them on.

Note: This excludes the bush shown in the news image and thumbnail image. The ones to find are on their own and can be hovered over to enlarge.

The competition runs from 11th December till 5th January. And then we’ll have a digital prize draw to select the lucky winners!


The first correct entry picked from our digital hat will win all 14 of our 'Smelly Bush' range! Your car will never smell the same with the 'Blue Waffle' bush which according to the description is "Strong enough to mask the smell of a corpse". Well that should come in handy! You'll also get to pick any t-shirt design from our official Store and receive an awesome Carmageddon Christmas card (designed by last year’s xmas compo winner) signed by the team!

We'll also be picking 5 additional winners from the remaining correct entries. You'll get a set of Smelly Bushes and you'll also receive a Carma Christmas card too!


One entry per person. Your entry must list the locations of all 10 bushes by the URL address to the page it was found on. You must submit your entry using the following form - http://www.carmageddon.com/competitions/bush-hunt-competition-form

Full terms and conditions for this competition can be found here.

Happy hunting!
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