[COMPETITION] Wish You Were Here

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[COMPETITION] Wish You Were Here

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Hey Carma Fans!

Sim here with a GREAT new competition for you! I say great because it’s EASY and not based on any skill other than playing Carmageddon:Reincarnation :D (which once mastered is not a skill it’s an ART!). What I want you to do is make me a lovely Summery Postcard using Carmageddon:Reincarnation. Try to think of classic holiday postcard scenery with a Carmageddon twist! Something that may entice someone to question their game collection and ask why they haven’t got a game filled with penguins and nuns too!.... something that just yells CARMAGEDDON in one image!

Remember, you can use the Action Replay feature to help you capture the ultimate shot or shots for your card. And in the latest Update the range of replay cameras has expanded, making this even easier!

You can enter by filling out the submission form here. You can check out all the current entries in the forum here. The competition will run from the 14th July to the 31st July so plenty of time to get a good shot. Winners revealed Monday 4th August.

The winner will receive their postcard signed by a few team members and a surprise Carmageddon goody bag! 2 runners up will also receive surprise Carma goodies!

  • ONE entry per person – so be sure to be happy with yours before you submit
  • It MUST feature Carmageddon: Reincarnation elements only; either as a single screenshot OR an image made up of screenshots.
  • You can use the WishYouWereHere.EPS provided here to lay over the top of your card (Note: this isn’t necessary and we will take screenshots as they are!)
  • Alternatively you can add your own “Wish You Were Here” text if it is easier than using the EPS.
Look forward to seeing the entries! :D And remember, you can all see the entries and comment on them here.

Any questions regarding rules and what not please feel free to ask questions via the forum or drop me a PM.

Sim xxx