A little pack around Chevy2's physics mod

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A little pack around Chevy2's physics mod

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Hello there. While sorting my Carma archives, I decided to make something with the stuff ChevyII (small_block on CWA) had sent me over ten years ago: he had tweaked C2 to have more realistic physics, especially the gravity. Then had adapted a dozen cars to the increased gravity.

While I stripped the pack of a lot of C2 content, I left the Junkyard and added ChevyII's Bleak City 2.0, our smooth Desert, and the smooth skitrack. So one group of levels is available.

The main modified file is ofcourse GENERAL.TXT.

This is a great way to appreciate how Carma's physics engine could feel with a more realistic setup.

Download there: https://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/R6/Chevy2mod.zip
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