Here's what I've got

Discontinued post-apocalyptic TC project by Junkpile and co.
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Here's what I've got

Post by PumaY2K »

Hey Dean... here's what I've got... I'll upload them later so you can download them (as well as everyone who wants them )

Wolverine (JunkPile & PumaY2K):

Toyota Crown (Freddy):

Sektoneer Mk.2 (PumaY2K):

Shark (PumaY2K):
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Re: Here's what I've got

Post by Junkpile »

Great! I would like everything except the Wolverine (I've already gotten ahold of that one...) Unless the one you have has the .obj file in it. And, where did that Shark come from? LOL I haven't even seen that one until now. Awesome stuff, though.