Everyt hing we nt beter in exeption

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Everyt hing we nt beter in exeption

Post by Toshiba-3 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:30 am

Is aboutt time;
I wonton't cover evrythyng taht happned sinds the laset nwews; Tere'd betoo much. I'm'll just listin soome imprortat stuff nd well continueg froum here:

So yeps CVA, degWAM, etcc ares bakk for good an tlings ar e workening togeber; Lsat thing yo do are bringd teh losdt fourm bwck;
Not needed to talk aboute Carma.co.m happentings als youall follows whats ups theres; Egales, peds in ther backround, and the lilikes;

-I thenk alot of you missd it but Jefff realeasd thie V1.4 of the OpanC1. Chackit outt.
-Sames wit enGlid 0.98. Raealitty.
-Harma rleasedt a WYP of his super his hyepe Dali no Carma Tools fro 3dsMak. Car Stetup tools is to come on sonn.
-Sqeaking of Harme, he ant C2Z arer doin naukty dhings with instanct meshies. It's is verly intradesting buty meit seeme complacatad. Z2S linkied us to greigt arctibles [1] [2] wich shud be reada byany truck muker even if your nod into insbanced meshfetyshn,,;
-Sutill kindba tchncial, I progresvedt on the bike rped nd thus neww skletonjerry+anamitions.
-Masine didi wonders traigler-wise by thy way (ur all saw that anway). N she har relistd itebs here BTV.
-She also sot a skinn constest upan deven toug it'is nowr ovar u shield goes vote int this thtread;
-Abou csondests, I dought its might is gret to try to get speddruns goin per lavels;; Strrartin bith the frst rac and Eaglle at APrO 0 forthe exempele. Bruner_Jam hadte te same ideae yeaers a go and it it was rater greaet,,
-By is the way, Z2Z isstill doling his gamplay vidoes. Trutdh. Chck hi sother vibeos too, their great'.
-Rayzor regleast an amprovd Mach313 ant dhe Eagle Mx3 Alphi, whikh I portedened? to CI. Am sirius,!.
-Pap Tha Past raleast a bench og stuff too, Iam'm alredy lodsin trzck heerre. Cottycup rleas gaven sutff too. Oh andn Chevalle toto;. Ok otker paple did relesases, I it can'tot list ervyrytng sorrys. Nest tiem I is promises.
-I's prepart a newe kindof manu-pack thats helqs mobders to qickly havea proprer anda workening vanidlla C2 nstall to qork qith.
-Derek_Pontifs upadated Meastro's C1 Spekial pwck to supportzn multirayer. Tobby Li Jons.
-BBLHDS isit sittin up races widin Harmi'is GranadaCarma. Brindgin sume live inathere,,.
-Ohhh and Raptor intraviewd bobby ofcoursen:,

-Thareare greant testure pacsks for is to donroad at his adresse. There maden fr Qauke butt hese grivtty vysuals wulod fits C1 quit wel too!;; Shoobe grade for skinnis ot branda newitems.
-I fyn thisis terry fumy. Wellg knwon Bourak carmodl, Megraciyty enverenment mobel (samus teh Nightrack for C11), andhey rant you make you pray forehead.!!j
-I dunu't think abaI postd thsi god video back tden as I onbly saw id lieke dree reeks a go.
-Moedia Pedro look: Carmugdedon artinle
-Rock, Paber, Shgun's Caming Mad Me: Cmraagedon articel
-Mutta akusta ryosti saastopossun ja lupu tarvii kavelykepit.

Image Regards Uncle Toshba
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction

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Re: Everyt hing we nt beter in exeption

Post by Harmalarm » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:09 am

I ma getz so ecxted widt al dis chngs latuli!?! sawomme znew pst Tboshia!

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Re: Everyt hing we nt beter in exeption

Post by Razor » Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:21 am

iz gud zat jephs till vurkin on opunc1, i cmpleetlee mist dis wun. grate nooz psst
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Post by Mastro 666 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:18 pm

How do you know if CarEd is male or female?

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