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Mighty Morph'n Toxic Rangers

Post by Toshiba-3 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:54 pm

I feel like things are evolving in a weird way. Wasn't expecting this kind of future. Things are getting redundant and some are lacking completeness. What is happening? Where's my lancet?

I don't know what to start with...

- Ok well let's start with the most important: now you can center devWAM if you want. Just go into your settings and change the theme to bleakcity-centered. I'm not responsible if your family become danish after this. Seriously. And when is CWA going to have a narrower theme?

- Razor released his Street Machine mod of Pip's Street Machine. ...wha? Actually a cleaned version and all, like closer to the C2 one.

- Pip The Pest is done with a very brilliant car called the Anniebasher ...wha? Ah well a very good addition to any C2 install. Like. Yours.

- Oh heh I nearly forgot I also released an addon to C2! Heh.

- The Toxic Rangers keep on doing stuff, what a great team, no wonder why they have a tv show and all. Nah actually it's a one-man-band like Fatboy Slim. Errol's going to release more old stuff like Hameron the ped, but also porting PSX Carma stuff straight into your computing machines. Keep an eye out for C1 and C2 ports in the upcoming weeks I guess?! Ye.
Errol. Probably. Oh wait no, that's Will Smith.

- Coffeycup did it again with yet another so-called cheap map (isn't that false modesty? or something) well it's called Ruined Roads. ... wow actually I just noticed that Coffeycup was back? 'Cause he's been away for a year or so y'see?

- LoD is kinda defunct now I know, but it's still in my heart for obvious reason. I happened to stumble upon what I think is the first version of said site?! That must take some of you way back uh? UH?
Well this is also a good way to tell you I keep on adding sites and tutorials to the RR lists, so if you have any suggestion, I'm listening.

- Oh and I added some more articles in the Interesting Reads topic. A couple by Chris Holden. He wrote a lot more interesting stuff, but it wasn't quite ontopic here. Ah maybe this one :)

- I was about to post more things, but now that I think about them again I think I won't.

- By the way, the car I released is AdR's Cullwing.

- Speaking of the man, he's willing to put a car in C1. Check this out at the CWA? Looks good. DTD written on it.

- And finally, Zodape keeps on posting his playthrough videos, check the topic out here.

I'm tired and I'm out to France. That's all. Not the Genesis song.

Here's a new artwork of Carmageddon: ReinCARnation, exclusive to devWAM

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