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DD2C2TC testversion

Post by Harmalarm » Tue May 25, 2010 1:16 pm


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Good news for all those who like to do some beta testing. I have uploaded a testversion of the mod hosted on the mod's personal website which will follow after reading the instuctions below

The website is still under construction, but files are ready to be tested. The package includes the complete game, e.g.; all models, maps, textures, menu's, sounds and executables. So no need for installing it over a clean c2 install, this is a stand alone package.

How this will work:

This testversion is a principle final version. I'd like to think of it as contentready. This means I will not work on the cars and track models. The setup however, the txt file editing, is not done. The txt files define the games behaviour and this is what I need you guys to check for me.

What I need you to do is look for;

- bugs
what is the bug and where is it occuring. Did you find a way to solve it, and how did you do this. Does the game crash at times? I didn't find any crashes at all, but perhaps you guys are more unlucky.

- check the physics
does the car behave correctly. Does it feel right. What is missing in terms of handling, physics. I am interesting in your personal oppinions.

- gameplay.
The mod is big so I didn't have any time to test whether the time runs out too quickly on the races. Can you complete all races without cheats, and are they properly setup?
is the game too easy to win for example. Are the opponents agressive enough?

-LAN play
perhaps some of you can test the LAN gameplay. I don't have acces to two machines all the time, so I'm not able to test this myself thoroughly. Does it crash? do all game modes work?

-cutscenes and UDP
I've noticed the game doesnt load correctly when using the UDP launcher combined with the custom cutscenes, so I've made them optional. I would like you guys to put the CUTSCENE folder in the data folder and run the udp laucher. Does it work correctly on your system?

Where to post?
I'd like you guys to post your comments in the current dd22c2tc topic: http://devwam.toshiba-3.com/viewtopic.php?id=334. If you find problems and post them MAKE IT CLEAR. Explain the situation and the problem in a clear, detailed way. Adding your system specs if needed might be nice. I've been testing this mod on windows Vista 32bit, using zeckenacks glide wrapper and the Nglide wrapper. (Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo, T5750 @ 2.00GHz, 2.00Ghz, 4GB RAM, NVidea Geforce 9200 M GS)


SPOILER ALERT: If you like to play the mod in final version, without savegame you must concider the fact that playing this version might spoil some fun.

now head over to http://dd2.harmsollie.nl and download the mod.

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DD2C2TC testversion

Post by Razor » Tue May 25, 2010 10:26 pm

All seems nice, apart from the apparent problems that come with the C2 engine anyway, there's not much that I can see to quarrel with.

There are a few issues though:
The 'Cars Remaining' bit of the HUD should be changed to 'Cars Defeated', due to it displaying the number of cars defeated (I know it doesn't say this on DD2 but that doesn't matter)

I'm also getting the same smashie problem as here: http://devwam.toshiba-3.com/viewtopic.p ... 3611#p3611

Not asside from the blatant issue of C2 not displaying correctly on a widescreened monitor.

Also there seems to be a random array of white dots scattered throughout tracks? Don't know what this could be, sometimes they'll follow the track, sometimes they just turn off into a different direction.
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