Hex Workshop structure

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Hex Workshop structure

Post by Toshiba-3 »

I don't know if there are many HW users around here, but C1 modders should use it IMO.
Anyway, I wrote a structure parser for C1 pixelmap packs!
So far it should support all the sizes etc. and even verify if infos are correct. So this is a great tool to check out your modded pixpacks and see where you added too much 00 bytes or not enough etc.
However I tried to add support for those corrupted SP pixpacks (and I'm fairly sure my code is correct) but the program bugs so I'll try to implement that later.
Also I'm also willing to add support for MAT, ACT and then DAT files afterward. The parser will be able to detect by itself the format it is reading.

So here's the file. I hope it will help some people at least. I know I'll continue to develop it as it helps me at least :p

Put it in ..\Hex Workshop v6.5\Structures then load it from the Structure Viewer. The function is called AutoParse (accessible from the hammer icon there). Additionaly you can add PIXELMAP entries by hand (given you place the cursor where an entry starts) or test the FILEHEADER and the first PIXELMAP entry (placing the cursor at the start of the document).

Oh and I think this might only work with Hex Workshop 6.5!

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Hex Workshop structure

Post by Harmalarm »

Hey, this sounds promising. I think this will become a great time saver! You recon setting up the parser for MAT, ACT and DAT files will help you to learn more about the file format?

anyway, I'm sure to give it a go once I get back home today ;)

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