The shadetabs (TAB files)

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The shadetabs (TAB files)

Post by Toshiba-3 »

I think this was the last intriguing file format used by C1/C2.
Jeff probably noticed they are just PIX files.
They are all 256 pixels wide and their height define how each color of the palette fades into the depth (be it fog, darkness, acid, etc.).
I'm not sure yet how they get loaded and overwritten in the game but it should be possible to create neat effects with it. For example if you were making a very hellish/gore level you could include a new shadetab fading all colors into red or black through red. Or I could tweak my SinCity mod using a custom shadetab to make the red colors very persistant while everything else would quickly fade into the darkness.

Anyway here are some examples from the game:


The first one is the DRRENDER.TAB (flat, no fading)
then a custom one I found into COAST.TAB

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The shadetabs (TAB files)

Post by jeff_1amstudios »

Awesome work! No - you're probably the first to figure that out. :)
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