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Tutorials & Infos list

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Image Tutorials for advanced Carma editing


Running C1 using a Glide Wrapper by TheJkWhoSaysNi
Running C1 using a Glide Wrapper on modern systems (through VMware) by TheJkWhoSaysNi
Carmageddon 1 on Vista by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
How to play Carmageddon (and SP) with 3dfx in hires by Doug [Doug's Blog]
Getting Carmageddon to run with DosBox by Svenskmand [Carmageddon.com]
Mac OSX DOSBox with 3Dfx Glide support by TheDoctor45 [VOGONS]

Editing ped graphics by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Changing ped beheaviour by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Editing car graphics by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Altering car physics by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Editing track graphics by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Editing track setup by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Carmageddon 2 to Carmageddon 1 car conversion by Deep Blue [TheSprayShop.net]
C2 to C1 Car Conversion by Mastro 666 [Carmageddon Foro Forético]
C2 to C1 Track Conversion by Mastro 666 [Carmageddon Foro Forético]
Cops in Carmageddon by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]
Quick C1/C2 facts by devWAM [devWAM]

Image Advanced...

Untextured materials with custom lighting by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
C1 PIX Data explained by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
How to create your own PIX pack by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
C1 PIX structure by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]
Transluency in Carmageddon by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]


Recommended settings for Zeckensack's Glidewrapper by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Glide wrappers guide for Carmageddon 2 by Toshiba-3 [devWAM]
C2 LAN gaming tutorial by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Carmageddon 2 Skin Installation by cArmAkAze [Crashocalypse]
Quick C1/C2 facts by devWAM [devWAM]
C2 generalities & essentials by Savage Elve [Savage-Elve.net]
C2 common errors by Savage Elve [Savage-Elve.net]
PlayThing2 Manual by Savage Elve [Savage-Elve.net]
CarEd skinning by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
Never-fail instructions for installing CarEd by Deep_Blue [TheSprayShop.net]
C2 Texture Editing Basics by Mass [The CFC]
C2 Advanced Texture Editing by Mass [The CFC]
How to make a new track for Carmageddon 2, rough by Mangohead/Stainless Games
Mapping in PT2 Guide, part 1 – part 2 by Scarehead
CarEd Tutorial: The Second by Mad Maxine [CWA Board]
Tutorial del CarEd by Mastro 666 [Carmageddon Foro Forético]
C2 Smashables Part 1 - Rear Lights by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
C2 car.txt editing by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
Setting up your car's text file with help from PT2 by Econobrick [TheSprayShop.net]
How to define where fire appears on your car by Econobrick [TheSprayShop.net]
Car physics tutorial by C2Scientist [C2Scientist's R&D]
Track Making Tutorial by C2Scientist & Econobrick [C2Scientist's R&D]
Tank tracks for C2 by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
Making a 6-wheeled car with correct susp. and steering by Lumberjack [TSS.net]
Suspension Mechanics by C2Scientist [Mac Carpocalypse]
(old) Advanced Bounding Box Tutorial by AdR [Smash, Trash 'n' Crash]
Making a BBox with PT2's "ASC to Physics" command by Econobrick [TSS.net]
old CarED Tutorial by TNT [Smash, Trash 'n' Crash]
Cel Shading trick by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Making Realistic C2 Terrain by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Making Curved Roads in SketchUp by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Making a spherical shape in CarEd by random_monkey [TheSprayShop.net]
How to smooth out jagged looking polygons by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
Making a car shell in PT2 by Lumberjack [TheSprayShop.net]
C2 on Linux by Savage Elve [Savage-Elve.net]
Installing cars manually (for MacOS) by Jelte [TheSprayShop.net]
Manually adding Cars and Tracks - for Mac and PC users by CoffeyCup [Mac Carpocalypse]
Installing maps manually (old) by Errol [Toxic Ragers]
Carstockalypse guide (old) by Errol [Toxic Ragers]
Car Creation Guide (old) by Errol [Toxic Ragers]
Advanced WAM file editing by Harmalarm [Harmalarm's shelf]
Final steps when making a C2 car by Toshiba-3 [devWAM]
Making your car unwastable by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]
Some more about opponent paths settings by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]
Making a GROOVE with a circular path by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]
A technical specification for Carmageddon GROOVEs by Errol [Toxic-Ragers]

Image Advanced...

Cleaning the hierarchy after an ASC import in PT2 by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Breaking the 1000tris per component limit by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
How to get angled grooves by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Opposite turning wheels by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Fixing the fifth suspension by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Actor rendering modes by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Forcing objects to face the camera by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Advanced C2 tips and tricks at CWA by Various
Custom lighting for C2 tracks materials by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Full lit materials for C2 cars, peds via REG folder by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
The SHELL model explained by Toshiba-3 [devWAM]

Image Very advanced...

Powerups hex refs and infos by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Menus hex refs and infos by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
Understanding the transformation matrix by Dan L'Ecuyer
The structure of Carmageddon 2 game files by Dan L'Ecuyer
Words about the minimap by Harmalarm [Harmalarm's Shelf]


TDR2000 Car skinning tutorial by X-Ray [Crashocalypse]
TDR2000 Mission Guide by Camarogeddon [Driven To Destruction]
Online problems by Rax_X [Masters Of Mayhem]
Car Installation by Rax_X [Masters Of Mayhem]
Car Skinning by Wolverine [Masters Of Mayhem]
Online gaming by Rax_X [Masters Of Mayhem]
How to play Carmageddon TDR 2000 online games by Toshiba-3 [devWAM]

Archived LOD3D tutorials pack by doomsday-biker

Image Old...

Basic Car Tutorial by Beroc [LOD3D]
Creating addons for your car by Beroc [LOD3D]
Skinning (Max basic skinning) by Beroc [LOD3D]
Setting up the car in Max for Carmageddon TDR by Beroc [LOD3D]
Basic file setup for TDR using text files by Beroc [LOD3D]

Image New...

Basic Car Tutorial by Beroc [LOD3D]
Addons (pretty detailed) by Beroc [LOD3D]
Skinning, a slightly different method, but the basics by Beroc [LOD3D]
Some lessons in Photoshop 6 by Beroc [LOD3D]
Setup for TDR using Max and a Max script by Beroc [LOD3D]
Setup the text files using a program by Beroc [LOD3D]

Image Newer...

Building a reference Box by Beroc [LOD3D]


The Truth about the C2 Patches by Toshiba-3 [devWAM]
Alpha Channels in Photoshop by Savage Elve [Savage-Elve.net]
How to make partially transparent textures by Qwerty_86
Making alpha channels in Photoshop by random_monkey [TheSprayShop.net]
Capturing trace images with minimal perspective distortion by C2Scientist [C2Scientist's R&D]
Smoothing groups tutorial by Toshiba-3 [RR2000]
The CarmaDev Wiki by Various (on standby)

BRender x86 Installation Guide, DOS/Windows Platforms by Argonaut Software
BRender Tutorial Guide: Getting Started with BRender by Argonaut Software
BRender Technical Reference Manual by Argonaut Software
BRender Documentation Errata by Argonaut Software
Simple BRender Program for Newbies by Argonaut Software
BRender: The Real-Time 3D Renderer by Maria Ingold
BRender Pixelmap by ahnurmi

C1 Cheats [Crashocalypse]
C2 Cheats [Driven To Destruction]
TDR Cheats [Driven To Destruction]

old C1 FAQ by RCS [RCS' Carma page]
old C2 FAQ by RCS [RCS' Carma page]
old TDR2000 FAQ by RCS [RCS' Carma page]