3dfx crash - audio related

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3dfx crash - audio related

Post by ix »

I have Carmageddon 1 running beautifully at 4k resolution with 50-500fps via VirtualBox and dgvoodoo.

However, I have found a problem.

There are certain items which, when hit, cause Carmageddon to crash. The first one in Maim Street is the burnt out cars by the water. When crashed into the game crashes to desktop.

This happens with




It also happens with Glidos and dgvoodoo.

I did, however, discover that it's audio related. If I run SNDSETUP.EXE and select no audio, it's fine. This lead me to try VDMSound (on and off) and regardless of whether it's on, it crashes. It is an audio issue with the 3dfx version of the game.

I seem to remember a similar issue with red/white poles on the snow levels several years ago and there was a fix that made the poles immovable. Perhaps there is a similar thing for thee cars?

Alternatively, could stopping them emit any audio also fix this?
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3dfx crash - audio related

Post by Toshiba-3 »

While I'm pretty sure the audio code generates a lot of crashes, I don't remember problems when hitting noncars/accessories (only with opponents and with carma95).

Does the problem occur if you disable the sound altogether? [S key while ingame]

Have you tried disabling the burnt out car noncar? [game must be decrypted (typing IWANTTOFIDDLE in the main game menu), then opening the respective race text file (CITYA1.TXT for Maim Street), searching for the line WRECK.TXT and removing it, then lowering the '9' number above to '8']

Does it still crash with DOSBox rather than VirtualBox?

Scraping noises when noncars are hit are hardcoded IIRC. They are not defined in the noncar text file.
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